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Vehicle exporter, export car

If you’re looking for a registered vehicle exporter to export a car, one that knows and understands international laws and who can guide you through the process, then Can Am Logistics is the place to go to. Our team of experts are especially trained in knowing the ins-and-outs of transporting vehicles to and from the United States.

Having a registered vehicle exporter on your side is very important when transporting vehicles across international borders. The laws in every country are different, and if you’re exporting from the United States, you will need to know and abide by all international and federal laws.

If you’re looking to export a car, Can Am Logistics can help advise and guide you, and will make sure you don’t run into any issues during the process.

Call Can Am Logistics today at 888-500-3350 for a registered vehicle exporter who can help you export a car.